Cleaning Out the Safe


Many guns going on consignment at Ann Arbor Arms

Many of the guns I have reviewed are going up for sale on consignment at Ann Arbor Arms The listings below may not be up to date. Not all guns have been delivered to Ann Arbor Arms. They will trickle in over the next couple of months. If they don't yet have a gun from the below list that you are interested in, contact me by email 

Consignment guns will generally come with a Blu-ray disc of the video (or videos) where the gun appeared, along with a signed target from the video.

1911s For Sale

Colt Government .45 (Sale pending)

Springfield Mil-Spec .45 (Sold)

Ruger NSF .45

Taurus PT1911 .45

Ruger SR1911 Cmd .45 (alloy)

Ruger SR1911 Cmd .45 (steel)

Ruger SR1911 Officer 9mm (Sold)

Springfield Range Officer 9mm

Colt Wiley Clapp Commander .45

S&W 1911SC .45

Springfield EMP CCC 9mm

Kimber Pro Cary II 9mm

Rock Island MS Tac .40S&W

Les Baer Stinger .45

Colt Lightweight Commander .45 (1972 vintage)

STI Guardian 9mm

Springfield Range Officer Compact 9mm

Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 (Laser Grip)

S&W Pro Series 3" .45

Kimber TLE TFS 9mm

Sig 1911F Fastback .45

Dan Wesson CCO .45

Other Pistols

Glock 42

Springfield XDs 9mm (Sold)

Kahr CW9

Kimber Solo Stainless

Mossberg MC1Sc

Kahr MK9  LTD

Springfield 911 .380

Bauer .25acp

Rifles & Shotguns

List pending