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Why doesn't Rider's Range give all the measurements of a gun in the review videos?

First of all, you can find the stats of almost any gun on the manufacturers' websites. Second, many other reviewers give all the stats down to 100ths of an inch. And finally, other than loaded weight and general size comparison, does it really matter that a particular gun is 1.02 inches wide, while another measures at 0.99 inches? Not to us it doesn't. Relative size and comparison with other guns in the same general size category are all that is important to us. And often, the measurements of the width of a gun includes the controls, though the important considerations for us are how the gun carries or whether or not it prints under clothing, in which case the controls (safety, slide stop lever, etc.) are irrelevant. 

Why does Rider's Range only give the loaded weight of a gun?

Do you carry an unloaded gun? You can generally find weights - unloaded, and/or with an unloaded magazine - on the manufacturers' websites, or in other reviews. To us, the only consideration is how much guns weigh when fully loaded, so that's how we make side-by-side comparisons.

How do I find Rider's Range videos on YouTube?

We are a new YouTube channel (also new on GunStreamer and soon to be on Full30) and therefore so low in the rankings, that finding us directly on YouTube isn't easy.

The best way to find Rider's Range videos is to click on a link on this website, then subscribe to us on the YouTube site.  (By subscribing - and playing videos all the way through - you will help Rider's Range move up in the YouTube rankings.)

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How can I visit Rider's Range?

Sorry, Rider's Range is a private range on private residential property and is not open to the public. But please feel free to visit us vicariously through our videos.

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