Contest Info and Rules (Yes, YouTube requires rules.)

1,000 Subscriber Contest

Only One Winner!!

Details at:

PRIZE: Unique lever action pen and an inert 9mm cartridge containing a silver bullet. NOTE: Silver "bullet" won't be awarded where prohibited.

contest rules

How To Enter

How To Enter

NOTE: This contest will end once we reach the 1,234 subscriber mark. Comments will be turned off at that point.

1 - Watch the Rider's Range 1,000 Subscriber Give-Away video

2 - In the comment section below the video, name the Rider's Range video you liked best, using the actual title of the video. Comments that just say something like "the video about the S&W 929" won't qualify. It would need to say "S&W 929 - From The Safe to Rider's Range".

(I encourage discussion on comments as a way to help Rider's Range improve, but only unique new comments, not replies, will be counted for the contest.)

3 - In a sentence or two, let us know why you selected that video. (This can help us improve Rider's Range.)

This is a family channel, so keep all comments clean. Comments and/or replies that are not suited for general audiences will be deleted and will not count for the contest.

4 - Send an email to "". In the subject line of the email put your YouTube/Google user name, just as it is listed in your comment. The timestamp on the email must closely match the date/time of your comment on the video. (See below why we require this step.)

5 - In the body of the email write that you have read the contest rules and that you are eligible to receive an inert 9mm bullet (inert cartridge).

Selecting A Winner

Contest winner will be selected at random using

For each unique comment I will enter the subscriber's name/handle and the name of that subscriber'e favorite video into a spreadsheet. I will also note when that subscriber sends the confirmation email to I will then assign a number to that subscriber's name/handle. That number will be used to select the winner.

Duplicate comments by subscribers will not receive a number. Only the first comment will be eligible. Commenters who do not send a confirmation email also will not receive a number.

Winner Contact

The drawing will be done on video as soon as possible after closing the comments and the winner's name or "handle" will be announced in that video. The winner will have seven (7) days to contact us at to claim their prize. If we don't receive an email from the winner, we will make one attempt to contact the winner by email. If the winner doesn't respond within seven (7) days of our email, the prize will be awarded to a secondary number, which will be selected by 

Reason for the confirmation email and security of your data:

Believe it or not, there could be instances where multiple people claim to be the winner, so the email confirmation is a way to determine the real owner of the user name or handle. 

I will not sell, give, or otherwise allow the email list to be viewed by or used by anyone else. Once the winner has received the prize, I will delete that email account, which will also delete all emails sent to that account, so I will not have a record of anyone's email.

Eligibility for Prize:

The winner must be able to lawfully receive the pen and the inert 9mm cartridge containing the silver bullet. The cartridge will be inert - no powder, no primer - but there is the possibility that even an inert cartridge could be prohibited in some places. It is the winner's responsibility to ensure that they can lawfully receive the inert cartridge containing a bullet through the mail. If they can't lawfully receive the 9mm cartridge containing the silver bullet, they will only receive the pen.


Rider's Range will make every attempt to make this contest fair to our subscribers. The decisions made by Rider's Range will be final.